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Taste of Life Magazine is France & Canada's leading luxury lifestyle magazine in Chinese and English.

Rouge Coco, A Legend!


Rouge Coco, A Legend!

Many Ngom


Keira Knightley

Rouge Coco Désinvolte Shade. $42 At Chanel Beauty Counters

ROUGE COCO, the ready-to-wear lipstick. The iconic lipstick by CHANEL. Mademoiselle’s favourite beauty accessory.The first move towards femininity. The multifaceted lipstick that embodies sensuality, joy and radiance.


Wearing lipstick is like wearing high heels. The first steps can be intimidating. With ROUGE COCO, the application is intuitive, spontaneous and self-evident. It is easy to use and natural to wear, both day and night.In a meeting, on a date, for an escapade…


Loyal hour after hour, a beauty partner for every occasion. ROUGE COCO invites you to diversify your style and express your mood of the moment. An essential basic, it reveals every facet of femininity. It inspires joy, generosity, vivacity and… kisses.


An ultra-sensorial texture, a concentrate of gentleness. Women’s expectation of comfort. It glides and melts on lips. Shaping them with vibrant, lasting colour. And a satiny finish.


This creamy, melt-away bullet comes in 29* new shades. Mischievous reds, delicate pinks, nude beiges, intense plums, fresh oranges…Which one to choose? Why not all of them! A chic wardrobe of fashion-forward colours. That shape and enliven the lips with radiance.


Iconic of the famous House on the rue Cambon. Its black metal case is signed with the double C. A clasp that clicks closed, the secret signature inside the cap, a logo engraved on the bullet… It is an object of desire with a chic, understated spirit, to slip into any bag, anytime.

Keira Knightley

ROUGE COCO celebrates the elegance of every moment.