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From Suzhou With Love

Many Ngom


While travelling on his way to Suzhou, iconic fashion designer Giorgio Armani was captivated by the image of water “tamed” in the cool garden pools and the mirror-like canals of the city. This UNESCO World Heritage site was dubbed the “Venice of the East,” by another famous Italian, Marco Polo, and these Chinese gardens became the inspiration for Armani’s latest addition to Les Eaux collection.


His perfume Pivoine Suzhou is a majestic rendition of a Chinese garden, bringing together essences of tangerine, pink pepper, and bright raspberry. It illuminates the beauty and magnificence of peony and rose. Considered one of the most beautiful flowers in China, the peony (pivoine in French) is often referred to as the queen of flowers. It was exceedingly popular in the imperial court during the Sui and Tang dynasties. As a symbol of spring, it embodies nobility and virtue. The designer paid tribute to the flower by associating his new fragrance with a famous poem from the Tang Dynasty, On the Beauty of Peonies.                                          

The elegance, freshness and lingering sensuality of this fragrance conveys the same purity and perfection of Armani’s haute couture creations.