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Once in a very rare while, we are introduced to just the thing we want before we recognize how desperately we need it. Typically, those little finds take us by surprise, and then, in an instant, make it hard to imagine how we lived without them. 

Enter Estée Lauder’s NEW Little Black Primer™ that triples its duties by moonlighting as a subtle lash tint and a water-resistant topcoat. It’s the new Little Black Dress of lashes, a single, foolproof, all-occasion formula that belongs in every makeup wardrobe. 

It should come as no surprise that eyelashes are a lot like hair. They should be prepped and styled to look their best, and need the right base to stay looking curled and voluminous all day. A primer, in effect, acts like pomade to help lashes hold their shape. But the benefits don’t stop there. 

Estée Lauder takes the simple primer two steps further by adding a subtle black tint, and making it long wearing – not just from day to night, but overnight. The formula is light enough to wear under your favorite mascara for extra volume, but the soft black shade means that you can use it alone for subtle definition. When it’s applied over your favorite mascara, it adds a lightweight layer of extra support, giving you water-resistant lashes, and helping to reduce smudging and flaking. The gently curved brush adds extra curl and lift. 

Little Black Primer™ is a makeup prep-step that creates the ideal base for longer, fuller lashes that stay flexible and feel healthy. It’s a lightweight weekend mascara. It’s a water-resistant topcoat. It’s what you never knew you always wanted. 

Kendall Jenner

Availability: NEW Little Black Primer™ will be available at Estée Lauder counters across Canada and online at January 2015.  Suggested Retail Price: $27.00 

Use it alone for Tint 

•A long-lasting natural look, even overnight 

•Subtle curl, length, and volume 

•Smudge-resistant, flake-proof wear 

•Conditions lashes 

Use it as a primer to Amplify 

•Creates a long wearing foundation for your favorite mascara 

•Reduces flaking and smudging 

•Prepares the lashes with conditioners for optimum curling, lengthening and volumizing 

•Gives pigments a clean canvas to improve the integrity of your mascara shade, making blacks and browns look richer and deeper, and colors pop 

Use it at a topcoat to Set 

•Adds a lightweight, water-resistant sealant to your favorite mascara 

•Improves the wear of any mascara 

•Helps reduce flaking and smudging 

•Boosts your existing mascara with another layer of pigment 

Patent Pending Formula. Ophthalmologist tested. Safe for contact lens wearers. One size fits all.