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Richmond BC

Taste of Life Magazine is France & Canada's leading luxury lifestyle magazine in Chinese and English.


Top 10 November Gems to Remember

Taste of Life

Entrée to Etiquette

Book | Dinner Diaries

Need to add glamor and chic to your dinner parties? If you love to host, genuinely delightful Dinner Diaries is your perfect companion. Journal-styled and filled with images of yesteryears, menus, guest lists, seating charts, and tête-à-tête tips. Learn from fashion designer Cynthia Rowley and adepts like style publicist Allison Aston, Beverly Hills Kitchen chef Alex Hitz, and Vivre founder and chief executive Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti. The tome is filled with their handwritten advice and experiences with space to write your own. Ideal to own or gift.


Dragon Chases Pearl of Wisdom

Product | Past Perfect Timepiece


Worth over CAD$4.2 million, this extraordinaire Parmigiani dragon clock tells the endearing legend of a carp swimming upstream before transforming into a dragon. In Chinese mythology, transformation symbolizes perseverance; dragons symbolize power, strength, nobility, prosperity and represent Emperors. This one-of-its-kind timepiece displays the dragon rotating one circle every hour, forever chasing — but never grasping — the pearl of wisdom that rotates six times an hour. Made from white and yellow gold, sterling silver cast, this tempus fugit automaton is embellished with diamonds, rubies, sapphires and hues of jade.


Tailor-made Prêt-à-Porter

Attire | Designer Ready-to-Wear


Since 1951, Italian brand Max Mara has guarded a woman’s prerogative to look powerful and ultra-feminine. Now, they want to help women look a little more like men. Sartoriale, The Tailored Suit Project, arrived in Vancouver’s Pacific Centre this fall. And just in time — this fashion season has decidedly masculine energy. For a power suit that is structured, strong and especially light, Max Mara’s finest tailors stitch its Sartoriale jackets around a camel-and-horse hair inner canvas. Their hand-sewing techniques make the last step of personal fitting a dream. Available in camel, cashmere, silk, silk-wool or silk-mohair blends.


Foldable Sound

Tech | Avant-garde TV


Go back to the future with the next generation of television technology with Bang & Olufsen’s BeoVision Avant. Indulge in this state-of-the-art design and redefine the way you watch television. The Avant is designed to complement your sophisticated lifestyle. After a hectic day, relax in style and let the Avant take charge. Effortless, discreet, the Avant swivels at your command, automatically and constantly adjusting itself to offer a perfect view—wherever you’re seated in the room. When not in use, its folding sound panel unobtrusively retracts from beneath the 55-inch screen.


Saluting Hermès

Product | Nautilus Pen

French luxury house Hermès debuted its first-ever writing instrument — the Nautilus. Australian designer Marc Nelson, Hermès, and those Japanese masters of the pen world, Pilot, spent three years crafting it to perfection. Choose from a retractable pen tip or a rhodium-plated white gold nib. Ink cartridges come in black, blue, red, ebony, and Hermès signature orange. The cap-less pens are now in stores alongside Hermès stationery — notebooks, writing paper, and their legendary leather goods.


Water Workout

Design | Water Bike


Disappointed that you can’t walk or ride your mountain bike on water? With the Schiller X1 you can. Sporting rubber pontoons instead of wheels, the X1 takes you to a new realm of aquatic bicycling. Trendy, sporty and fitted with safety features, the X1 yields a refreshing experience, generating workouts from your passion for cycling and love for water. Ten minutes to assemble or pack, it’s compact enough to store in a closet and perfect for Vancouverites with easy access to water.


Rembrandt Continues to Amaze

Event | Late Works

Rembrandt’s final masterpieces: catch this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Rembrandt: The Late Works, until January 15, 2015, at The National Gallery in London, Trafalgar Square. Rembrandt, greatest artist of the Dutch Golden Age, created his most poignant works in his later years, despite turmoil and misfortune. Curator Betsy Wieseman remarks, “Even three and a half centuries after his death, Rembrandt continues to astonish and amaze.” Ninety paintings include self-portraits, An Old Woman Reading, the Jewish Bride, and The Syndics on loan from collections across the globe.


Satiate your Taste for Chocolate

Event | Le Salon du Chocolat


Celebrate your sweet tooth in style at Le Salon du Chocolat — the world’s largest chocolate event. This annual Parisian affair attracts over 100,000 visitors. The 20th Le Salon du Chocolat will run from October 29th to November 2nd, 2014 at the Paris Porte de Versailles Convention and Exhibition Center. Its highlight will be a mouth-watering fashion show, with models taking to the runway dressed in stunning high couture outfits embellished with your favorite chocolate concoctions.


Pageant Highlighting

Event | Traditional Asian Beauty


Event | Mrs. Global Chinese Pageant
A group of 79 Asian wives and mothers, between 23 to 65 years old, share one common hope. These women, from all walks of life, are vying for Vancouver’s Mrs. Global Chinese title — to raise funds for BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. Their beauty is measured in their life experiences, love and wisdom, virtues underlying the traditional Chinese concept of feminine beauty, attained through gentleness and inner peace. “Judges will select 12 contestants based on temperament, conversation, manners, performance and other aspects of talent to compete in the finals on November 10th at the River Rock Resort,” confirms Pageant founder Peter Zhu.