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Taste of Life Magazine is France & Canada's leading luxury lifestyle magazine in Chinese and English.


see how a beautiful table can make a room

Taste of Life

Tables are as essential to a home as walls and a roof. A beautifully designed, high-quality table ably takes center stage. Another might serve as an important finishing touch that blends into the environment. Tablecloths provide an opportunity to dial in the atmosphere and express our personal taste.

Exquisite designs of birds, flowers and fruits in magnificent purple and red adorn this cloth. When a festive occasion is at hand, it will announce the beginning of a fabulous evening.

Ornate patterns seem etched into sandstone-colored blocks. The contrast creates polish without pomp. This design lays the foundation for simple elegance or makes way for something extraordinary. If you want to impress important acquaintances, choose this tablecloth and you can’t go wrong.

Don’t just deck the halls this season – make your decor perform for family and friends. A beautiful, deliberately selected tablecloth sets the stage. Watch what happens next. What memories will we make across a blue versus a red tablecloth? Tablecloths can stimulate the senses in a way food and drink cannot. After the festivities, a new tablecloth brings refreshment to spaces we occupy day in and day out.

Fresh mint green looks more beautiful in large chunks upon a grid. The lively plant patterns exude nature’s breath. Put it in the breakfast room to greet the first ray of morning sun, or in the courtyard on a sunny afternoon. The refreshing background color invigorates mind and body.

Bring the outside in. Vivid colors of sky blue and grass green are mutually intertwined, echoing the lushness outside. Part of an ecological trend in design, this cloth will add vibrant beauty to your home.

With today’s textile technology, choices of styles and colors are close to overwhelming. Matching myriads of prints and hues with existing decor takes finesse. This issue, Atkinson’s, a luxury home decor store in Vancouver, has invited famous French fabric brand – Le Jacquard Francais – to demonstrate how to create mood, visual statements and seasonality with tablecloths.

Bold collisions of bright yellow, orange, and rose resemble paintings from centuries ago. Gorgeous tropical flowers evoke the South Pacific and a sense of history. Using such a distinctive design takes a little courage and the desire to amuse and surprise.

Sophisticated brown in fine patterns will make a statement when guests arrive, then blend in with intellectual conversation. This tablecloth provides avant-garde accents and eye-catching movement that can become background or foreground depending on nearby decor.

Classical Chinese patterns in off-white take an elegant space with ancient mood one step further. Use it with back-to-nature decor, with Buddhist Chinese or Japanese decor or in a minimalist European dining room. Dull space will glow.