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Ancient beauty prescriptions for an ageless face

Taste of Life


Since ancient times, women have relentlessly pursued delicate and smooth skin. When Chinese medicinal herbs were pounded into topical tinctures or brewed as tea, women of past dynasties reported improved complexions and reduced signs of aging. 


For soft, smooth and fair skin



37g white chrysanthemum petals
250ml pear juice
37g ginkgo
37g black locust flower honey
100ml milk
100ml uncooked white fermented glutinous rice


Add pear juice and rice into a bowl of chrysanthemum petals. Cook with steam until it becomes a thick mixture. Mash ginkgo and add it to the mixture with milk and honey. Stir.


Evenly apply to face daily before going to bed. Wash off in the morning. Apply long-term, and your skin will become fair, tender and smooth.


For a light, even skin tone and rosy complexion



180g Chinese wax gourd seeds
150g peach flower petals
75g poplar bark (or orange peels).
Dry ingredients and grind into powder.


Mix a teaspoonful of powder (about 5g) with warm water after each meal. Drink three times daily. If you want to focus on the skin-lightening effects, increase the quantity of pumpkin seeds; to enhance a rosy complexion, increase the amount of peach flower petals.